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New Cooperations and Sponsorships!

We are very proud to announce that PremiuMares will be cooperating and enjoy the support of two very the well known Shipping Companies. The Dry Bulk Company, is Oceanbulk Maritime SA, and in the product tanker business, it is the likes of Product Shipping and Trading (PST). Like PremiuMares, both companies are international, operating and traveling around the world, aiming always for quality and safety!

Oceanbulk was established back in 1989. The company manages 17 vessels, 9 of which are in the water and 8 New Buildings. The company owns ultramaxes, up to Newcastlemaxes that travel the world and move the commodities and first resources around the globe!

PST was established in 2013. The company operates 18 vessels and specializes in the products sectors. They manage 6 LR1 vessels and 12 MR products.

Thank you to both companies for their trust and support!!