To be able to truly understand the nature of the sport, one has to be part of all facets of it. And it all starts with breeding! Founded in 2015, PremiuMares, as the name implies, is dedicated to breeding show jumpers of excellence. We breed mares of supreme geneological backgrounds, proven in their own breeding as well as mares with established and successful careers at the highest level of the sport.  

Modern showjumping is become all the more demanding, especially at the elite showjumping level. PremiuMares seeks to breed horses that can successfully cope with these demands at the sports’ highest level. The dam and the direct dam-line are acclaimed to be responsible for up to 70% of the genetic package of the foal. From thereon, the right stallion has to be selected to pair with the mare, both concerning the horses’ anatomy, as well as their character compatibility. PremiuMares has a very strict policy regarding the health of its sport horses, youngsters and broodmares. Great care, research and attention are paid in our breeding, to ensure the best possible result in our foals.

As PremiuMares strives for quality, our breeding program is limited to that individual attention is given to the needs of each broodmare to find her proper modern stallion fit. Fillies born are kept and all colts are sold either through auctions or private sales. We strive to keep the fillies born, until they themselves have a foal, in order to continue the breeding line. Thereon, mares are either produced into the sport, or may be sold.

Producing a future champion

The quest to produce a future champion in show jumping is fraught with uncertainty, and though success is never guaranteed, the odds can be improved! 
PremiuMares is born out of passion for quality, and this is what we strive to achieve and give to our clients.