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PremiuMares Challenge for the 7 year olds came to an end this weekend with the final being in Deauville!!
The winner is Cocktail de Talma, the best 7 year old horse of the PremiuMares Challenge with 525 points who offered his rider Audrey Teixidor the amazing stay to a splendid villa in Greece offered by PremiuMares!! The pair did not compete in Deauville but thanks to its good results in Fontainebleau GRANDPRIX CLASSIC Summer Tour they managed to get the win!!

Victor Kumps who competed for PremiuMares had an unfortunate fence down with his mare Corrada at the final of the 7 year olds but he came 2nd with his mare Dodea at CSI1*!! 

Congratulations to the winner!!

Here is a photo of the winner of the 7 year olds final, Nicolas Delmotte with Citadin du Chatellier